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What is Pantheism?

You’re already (kinda) a Pantheist

Faith vs. Evidence - Why Religious Tolerance Always Wins

Pantheism in Avatar/Hollywood - *in progress*



What is Atheism?

You're already an Atheist

there was no Jesus, there is no God - Why I wrote the book


Religious Debates

Raphael Lataster vs. Christopher Forbes - Does the Bible present the real Jesus?

The limitations of religious debates - *in progress*


Religious Debates - William Lane Craig

Due to my like/dislike relationship with William Lane Craig (or Bill) - I like the man, dislike his arguments and methods - and his influence, he gets his own little section and introduction! Perhaps the world's most famous (and best?) Christian apologist and Philosopher of Religion, Craig is highly educated, believes in the importance of the evidence for God's existence, actively engages the public, is a great debater, and from my limited interactions with him, seems to be a lovely and helpful person. And his wife is hilarious. Nevertheless, I take real issue with his inadequate arguments, and his 'dirty' debating tricks. And he is the focus of my PhD dissertation.

William Lane Craig's five points refuted

William Lane Craig's five points refuted - Addendum

The logical fallacies of William Lane Craig

Brian Edwards vs. WLC, Round 1 - Bill savaged by New Zealander

Brian Edwards vs. WLC, Round 2 - Does God exist?

William Lane Craig debate summaries - *in progress*

My debate with William Lane Craig - *in progress*



Charity - Overpopulation concerns

More people = less resources, teenager figures it out...



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